B2B Website Development

In addition to its B2C capabilities, Magento provides an extensive array of B2B features within its Adobe Commerce version, which is a licensed product. Even for Small and Medium-sized businesses, these B2B features can be effectively achieved through premium third-party modules.

Here are some of the B2B features we provide through Adobe Commerce:

Company Management: Our services encompass robust company management tools introduced by Adobe Commerce, empowering businesses to efficiently oversee their organizational structure and user roles.

B2B Quote: We facilitate the generation and management of quotes for products and services, employing the B2B quote functionality to foster personalized negotiations with clients.

Quick Order: Our services simplify the ordering process for B2B customers, allowing them to swiftly input a list of desired items and quantities using the quick order feature.

Requisition List: We assist businesses in creating and managing requisition lists, making the procurement process seamless by facilitating easy reordering of frequently purchased items.

Purchase Orders: We utilize Adobe Commerce to enable the generation and management of purchase orders, enhancing the efficiency of B2B transactions and financial processes.

The aforementioned features represent a selection of the B2B capabilities we provide through Adobe Commerce. Even if a business falls under the Small or Medium category, these B2B functionalities can be seamlessly integrated using premium third-party modules, thereby expanding the platform’s potential and optimizing B2B operations.

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