How to turn your eCommerce website to generate more revenue for your business?

Some business owners among us would wonder,

  1. Is it okay to have an eCommerce website for our business?
  2. Will it be profitable?
  3. What if it doesn’t generate revenue as expected?
  4. How to create sustainable revenue for our business?

There are more ways and tactics to boost eCommerce sales and generate revenue with minimal effort.

This blog will help business owners realize generating real money from eCommerce websites is easy even for small businesses.

By Providing Value With Coupons and Discounts

You might have heard the phrase, “Spend money to make money”. It is true.

  • When discounts are properly marketed, they create an incentive for consumers to start buying.
  • Offering discounts rebates, and coupons can help bring in new traffic and generate a feeling of achievement for customers.
  • Discounts and coupons generate customer loyalty and repeat purchases by allowing customers to try new products so there is a possibility that they would later buy the same product at the original price.

Being Flexible With Pricing

Changes in your marketplace mean you can increase prices without losing sales. Refining or being flexible with your pricing does not always mean lowering the prices. If you believe that the customers love your products, you could increase the costs to increase revenue.

Things to remember when you are attempting to revise your pricing:

  1. An enormous price change could disrupt things.
  2. Be mindful of the reactions it may generate.
  3. Customers are sensitive to price changes
  4. Which way things may go when the prices are increased or decreased?

Showing off Your Industry Expertise

You are an expert in your industry. But, do you show off?

  • You can write blogs on topics relevant to your industry.
  • This can be done by updating the website with new content and posting or sharing the same on all of your social media channels.
  • You can send out newsletters to customers containing advice relevant to your industry to reinforce your expertise.
  • You can utilize email to thank customers, share special offers and provide value such as tips. These things encourage people to return to your business.

Communicating Regularly with Old Clients and Customers

We should agree that making new customers is tougher than selling to existing ones.

  • Get back and get in touch with the customers and clients who have previously bought your services.
  • Those previous purchases may need support or repair by now.
  • Extend your services and make them feel that they are a significant part of your business.
  • Contact through e-mails, calls, messages, whichever way is the most comfortable for them.

Adding More Products or Services

One way to increase the number of sales per current customer is to offer more products that your customer needs.

  • You can consider adjacent products that a customer would buy to use with your product or service your customers might need.
  • For example, if you have a notebook company, you might offer pens and stationery too.
  • Bundling products could also encourage your customers to purchase more because they can save money by purchasing more than one item at once.

By Offering Delayed Payments

Installment payment plans appeal to customers by showing lower monthly payments rather than one large sum.

  • You could see increases in sales by offering a delayed payment plan, like a layaway program or installment plan.
  • For example, a furniture company could offer an installment payment plan for a $500 couch, where the customer pays 10 installments of $50 each.

By Focusing More on Upselling and Cross-selling

Cross-selling and upselling are keys to your revenue generation strategy.

  • Adding a specific plan to sell higher-priced products can help you transform a single sale into a more valuable transaction.
  • Displays and informational materials can help by showing a more expensive or upgraded option first and emphasizing its benefits over less-expensive options.
  • Run targeted promotions to existing customers with upsell offers. Be strategic and offer more than just discounts.
  • For example, upsell a premium plugin for a software product.

By Changing Shipping or Delivery Charges

Free shipping or handling of products can work in favor of your sales, thereby increasing revenue.

  • Some customers may be willing to pay more for a product if the shipping and handling are free.
  • When you decide to increase your prices, try to introduce the aspect of free shipping.
  • It works well to offset the negativity generated by the price hike and stimulate more sales.

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