Page Speed Optimization

Page Speed Optimization

Your Google rankings, Adwords and Facebook ads, and all the leads that come through your website are tied to the speed and user experience of your website. If your site is slow to load, it annoys prospects and even your existing customers. Google doesn’t like slow websites and has publicly stated that slow websites won’t rank high in the search results.

When you have a website that works seamlessly and loads correctly every time, you have a better chance of transforming a simple website visitor to a meaningful business connection. When you partner with a top website speed optimization company like Code5Fixer, you will get industry-leading strategies from a company that uses creative page speed optimization solutions to face everyday digital problems.We fix slow loading websites as well as tune fast websites to get them loading as fast as possible.

  • Our speed optimization services can
  • Help you achieve maximum speed
  • Fix web page errors in the process
  • Decrease loading time substantially
  • Increase customer satisfaction

What we deliver?

We have vast experience in optimizing WordPress, Shopify, Magento and static HTML websites. We will optimize different aspects of your website including:

For Desktop

  • Leveraging Browser Cache
  • Image Optimization
  • Minifying Java Script
  • Minifying CSS
  • Minifying HTML
  • Enabling Compression
  • Removing Query Strings from Static Resources
  • Optimizing order of styles and scripts, and much more…

For Mobile

  • Avoiding landing page redirects
  • Leverage browser caching
  • Enable compression
  • Minify CSS
  • Minify JavaScript
  • Minifying HTML
  • Optimize images
  • Prioritize visible content

Our professional page speed optimization service starts from just $99.

We at Code5Fixer, won’t just give your site a speed boost, we will also give you a boost for success.

Do request a free quote now and unlock many benefits..!!

Do request a free quote today and unlock many benefits..!!