The pandemic has caused the participation of women/housewives in the workforce to drop across industries, and tech is no exception. Throughout the pandemic, several employers have stood out in their work to help women reach parity in their technologist workforce.

A report said that 94% of companies now have a formal flexible work policy, including the ability to work remotely, up from 78% in March 2019. Research consistently highlights business benefits from having women employees as part of the workforce.

This is an extremely proud moment to inform you that, Code5Fixer is committed to the advancement of women in the workplace. We are a company that would offer services to companies by gathering a flexible group of talented women/housewives who could work on projects from home and around the schedule of their parenting and household tasks.

We make sure to provide the women employees work in their flex time, support them, and help them figure out the right balance between their personal and professional lives.

We have established a culture driven by respect, compassion, and collaboration to support our female workforce. We promote behavior in all our employees to allow a women’s voice to be heard in a discussion, if it’s a great idea, we champion her and ensure that she gets the due credit for her work.

Our women’s workspace is

  • To create a feeling of self-pride so that they should not feel weak, helpless, or powerless.
  • To use their latent talent optimally not only for themselves but also for the development of our company.
  • To expand the women workforce at all management levels
  • To enable women to tread the career path by equipping them with the necessary skills
  • To give women the opportunities and resources needed to progress in their careers and to fulfill the company’s purpose.
  • To create the capability to present their position in society effectively.

Our primary goal is to promote women empowerment by training & assisting women by creating an environment that will shape their future and transform the lives of hundreds of women in their local communities and villages.

Today of seven management positions, four are led by women/housewives and they have other women/housewives on their teams who play vital roles in the performance of the organization, promoting the development of programming skills, allowing them to create solutions for all kinds of problems that promote critical thinking,

We are dedicated to empowering women to achieve their full economic potential whereby every woman can use her voice, make her own decisions, and engage in economic opportunities.

By promoting a harmonious work environment, where every woman feels valued, and a part of the company, Code5Fixer is exploring a strategy to retain women/housewives as they move up in their career life cycle.

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