How to generate more leads for your eCommerce business?

Every business owner’s dream is to have more leads entering their business. But, with the rising competition every minute, they need a smart & effective strategy to stand out. Normal business lead-generation tactics don’t work for eCommerce businesses. It is because each customer’s motivation, buying habits, browsing patterns, and objections are different when they arrive at eCommerce stores. So, there is a need to design our lead generation tactics according to our specific eCommerce audience.

Who is a Lead in our eCommerce business?

When a person

  • lands on our eCommerce website,
  • follows our page on social media,
  • explores & wish-lists products in our store,
  • subscribes to our email newsletter,
  • clicks on a certain Google ad in our eCommerce store,

then, that person is a lead for our business.

But the challenge is to figure out our potential leads.

For a deeper understanding, let’s consider this scenario.

A furniture shop might get 20 newsletter signups a day. Of these signups:

  • 16 are between 30-50 years of age and are building their houses.
  • 2 are students completing projects for the college.
  • 2 are browsing for ideas for a home they haven’t started building yet

1. Collect Emails and set up an email list

We could have noticed that every time we visit an eCommerce store, they always show us a popup that collects our email addresses. This is one of the best eCommerce lead generation strategies for an eCommerce business. But getting email addresses is not as easy as it sounds. People won’t enter their email addresses easily when they get nothing in return. This strategy needs only an email address, not a visitor’s life story. Just an email address will do.

  • Especially visitors who have abandoned their cart can be pulled into the track by email.
  • This will push them to buy our products.
  • Once we have got our email list bigger, we can level up our strategy by choosing a good email provider for our email marketing services.

2. Use social media to warm leads up

All the major social media platforms collect information about our audience according to their interests. That means we can target social ads specifically to the demographics and audience we want to attract. Hence, we can take advantage of social media by investing time and little money in

  • Facebook ads,
  • Twitter,
  • LinkedIn,
  • Instagram ads and
  • YouTube ads.

Most platforms allow us to include a link to our website and showcase our products in a carousel format. We can add our social media links to our newsletters and email campaigns which is a great way to gather followers and leads.

3. Gain eCommerce leads with Live chat

Live chat is a powerful tool for winning potential leads that acts as a 2-in-1 tool to help visitors and introduce our best-selling products. Our team will be able to figure out what exactly the customer wants and this helps in updating the content copy to convert visitors into leads. We should also make sure that our live chat window doesn’t annoy the visitors’ browsing experience.

4. Optimize for mobile

As a lot of visitors browse for products using their mobile devices, we need to optimize our website to make it mobile-friendly. Make sure that

  • Navigation bars, CTA buttons, Search bars, and Popups are functional and clickable across many different screen sizes,
  • Content is easy to read, and
  • Scrolling is effortless.

5. Optimize CTA

Our website CTA’s play an important role in converting a lead to a sale. CTAs are anything that encourages our visitors to do something – anything, in other words, that invites our visitors to take action. Therefore, optimizing CTAs plays a crucial role in marketing campaigns.

  • Use buttons or images instead of text.
  • Try to attract new customers,
  • Use bright images or colors to catch their attention,
  • Use action words,
  • Use urgency or scarcity,
  • Match the CTA button with the theme and layout of our website.

6. Optimize SEO for leads

All these lead generation tactics won’t work if our store doesn’t have any visitors. So, we have to keep an eye on SEO. Focus more on lead generation magnets such as product descriptions, metadata, and blog posts. We should try to

  • Include the right terms.
  • Build inbound links via guest blogging, expert interviews, and other marketing techniques.
  • Make our content shareable.
  • Use keywords to optimize our site.
  • Use targeted keywords and metatags to help prospects find our products.

7. Simplify the checkout process

Stores ask customers to enter many details, making them abandon their carts. Once the customer has decided to buy, we should make the checkout procedure as simple as possible.

  • Include simple and clear buttons with a smooth and short process.
  • Consider offering more payment options.
  • Use nano bars offering free shipping codes at the checkout page.
  • This is a proven tactic to increase sales and a lot of shoppers look for free and fast shipping.

eCommerce lead generation takes work. We should never assume that our lead generation is at complete perfection. We should monitor our lead generation constantly and make small changes to it. As the trends and market shift, the customers we try to attract will shift slightly too. Ensure that we are ahead of the curve. We should test our landing pages and emails regularly to monitor the shift in trends.

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